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Parkins Finance are an asset finance company in the UK, providing brokering and loans for quarry asset purchases

Our UK finance brokers for quarry  provide a range of finance options for Quarry Equipment including:

Whether your an individual, a sole trader, limited company or a partnership, Parkins Finance will help you purchase the quarry assets you need via affordable monthly finance for the quarry sector.

Trusted financing from professional asset finance brokers for the quarry industry in the UK

  • Plant & Equipment
  • Heavy Gear
  • Large Excavators
  • Stripping & Drilling Equipment
  • Demolition equipment
  • Off-Highway trucks
  • Offroad trucks
  • Diggers
  • Crushing Eequipment
  • Tractors
  • Rigid Dump Trucks
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Quarry Expansion
  • Conveyors
  • Feed Belts & Stackers
  • Screen Aggregate Equipment
  • Stone Crushers

We provide asset financing for a range of heavy industrial asset purchases. Purchase your quarry equipment with expert asset financing from our team.

Find the Perfect Asset Finance Options for Your Quarry Equipment

Finding quarry equipment at a reasonable price can be a challenge. Many businesses struggle to get the equipment that they need to successfully and safely operate their company due to financial restrictions.

We’re a financing solution that ensures that you have all the options you need in order to finance your quarry equipment
Get in touch today to get a quote and learn about your options.

All Types of Quarry Financing Available

At Parkin’s Finance, we care about making the equipment you need available to you. That’s why we offer a wide range of quarry financing solutions. You can take advantage of refinancing, a hire purchase, an invoice financing plan, or even an operating lease.

On top of that, we offer additional services such as VAT deferral that lets you defer your VAT on heavy industrial asset purchases until the next tax year. Or, you can arrange your heavy industrial finances your way and make payments in seasonal instalments. Another option available to our clients is tier 1-3 funding for heavy industrial asset acquisition.

With all those options, we provide clients with accessible heavy industrial asset financing for Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships & PLCs. And, you can seal the deal using modern digital e-signatures so you can transact your business online for heavy industrial asset purchases.

We Provide Reliable Quarry Equipment for Businesses and Individuals

At Parkins Finance, we offer tailored asset finance solutions across the UK. Our UK finance brokers for heavy industrial assets provide a range of finance options for Quarry Equipment. That means that whether you’re a business or an individual, we’ll make sure that you get the quarry asset financing solutions you need.

What’s more, we’re a highly professional team. We know how important and valuable your time is, which is why we make reliability a priority. When you work with us you know that we’ll get back to you in a timely manner and will provide you with solutions that make sense for your team.

Finally, we’re a company that prides itself on professionalism. Working with us is a joy because you know that you’ll always be connected to a caring, helpful, and professional team member who is ready and waiting to ensure your business’s success.

Need Financing for Purchasing Heavy Industrial Assets?

the team at Parkin’s Finance is here to ensure that you get get the quarry equipment you need without a worry. Reach out to us today to schedule an asset finance consultation and learn what financing options will work for you.

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We offer a range of finance options for quarry asset purchasing.

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VAT Deferral for quarry

Defer your VAT on quarry asset purchases until the next tax year

Seasonal Payments available

Arrange your quarry finances your way: make payments at seasonal instalments

Tier 1-3 funding available

we offer teir 1-3 funding for quarry asset aquisition

Accessible quarry funding

We provide quarry asset financing for Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships & PLCs.

E-Signature Available

We provide modern digital e-signatures so you can transact your business online for quarry asset purchases

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