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Parkins Finance are an asset finance company in the UK, providing brokering and loans for Forestry asset purchases

Our UK finance brokers for Forestry  provide a range of finance options for Forestry Equipment including:

Whether your an individual, a sole trader, limited company or a partnership, Parkins Finance will help you purchase the Forestry assets you need via affordable monthly finance for the Forestry sector.

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  • firewood machinery
  • forestry equipment
  • forestry equipment
  • heavy plant
  • loggers & chippers
  • Chippers / Mulchers
  • Harvesters
  • Shear Heads
  • Excavators
  • HarvaDigs
  • Loaders and Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Winching equipment

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Parkins Finance provides forestry asset finance options for the forestry industry. Our brokers across the United Kingdom are here to help you obtain asset financing for a variety of forestry asset purchases.

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Wide Range of Finance Options

Whether you’re a partnership, limited company, sole trader, or individual, our team will help you purchase the forestry assets you need.

Hire Purchase for Forestry Equipment

If you’d like to pay in instalments for your forestry assets, Parkins Finance can coordinate a hire purchase. This option includes a down payment, with the remainder of the cost accruing interest as you pay it off. It’s a simpler option than equipment leasing because a hire purchase works you up to fully own the asset once you complete the payments.

Operating Lease for Forestry Equipment

With an operating lease, you make payments in order to use a forestry asset but you won’t gain ownership of it at any point. An example of this is renting a piece of equipment. You’ll make monthly payments over a certain amount of time. The responsibility of the asset stays with the lessor, not the lessee. Unfortunately, you won’t have purchasing options at the end of your operating lease contract.

With this option, you’ll have more flexibility since you don’t own the asset. You’re able to change and upgrade it as you see fit.

Asset Finance for Forestry Equipment

If you need to borrow funding in order to purchase a new asset for your forestry business, asset finance is an option for you. This includes using a company’s asset as collateral so you can take out a loan or borrow money against what you own. It’s an easy and secure way to get working capital for your business. It also enables you to access business assets that your company needs, like equipment, vehicles, and machinery without having to buy them upfront.

Refinance for Forestry Equipment

You can refinance one of your existing assets in order to raise capital. With this tactic, you’re able to access and finance new forestry assets. Refinancing is also used for a balloon payment. With the money you access from a balloon payment, you can pay off and clear a normal agreement. If you want to access the equity that’s tied up in your current assets, you may want to explore refinancing them.

What Sets Parkins Finance Apart

Parkins Finance has relationships with a variety of funders, enabling us to offer a broad range of capital financing solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes. We’re committed to providing our customers across the United Kingdom with tailored financial solutions for forestry equipment and finance options for heavy plant equipment. We have access to accredited forestry equipment brokers that will help you get set up with affordable finance options.

With almost a decade of experience, Parkins Finance is driven to delivering exceptional results and forestry equipment finance solutions to our customers.

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No matter what your financial needs are, Parkins Finance has a solution for you. Reach out to our office today to discuss your options.

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We offer a range of finance options for Forestry asset purchasing.

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VAT Deferral for Forestry

Defer your VAT on Forestry asset purchases until the next tax year

Seasonal Payments available

Arrange your Forestry finances your way: make payments at seasonal instalments

Tier 1-3 funding available

we offer teir 1-3 funding for Forestry asset aquisition

Accessible Forestry funding

We provide Forestry asset financing for Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships & PLCs.

E-Signature Available

We provide modern digital e-signatures so you can transact your business online for Forestry asset purchases

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