A Quick Guide to Forestry Equipment Financing

forestry equipment

UK foresters harvested 10.8 million green tonnes of roundwood in 2020. However, employment in the industry was down compared to 2019. Are you looking for ways to make your forestry business more competitive? Do you need new equipment but aren’t sure you have the capital? Forestry equipment financing can help you get the machinery you need in a way your business can afford. Learn more in this forestry equipment financing guide. Types of Forestry Equipment You Can Finance A range of forestry equipment and firewood machinery is eligible for financing. Forestry equipment includes many different categories of machines depending on […]

What Is a Hire Purchase Agreement? A Complete Guide

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is a common name for this type of agreement in the UK, but it’s also known as ‘hire and buy’ or even just ‘paying in instalments’. Hire purchase agreements are very similar to traditional car finance deals, such as asset-backed finance. Customers don’t pay anything until after the hire purchase agreement gets signed. This makes them a very popular option for people who want to buy a car or other expensive items, but don’t have the money upfront. In this complete guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Hire Purchase Agreements in the UK. […]

Asset Finance for Cars: What Should You Expect

asset finance

Expansion through products; that’s the Unilever way. Growing from a soap manufacturer into a giant multinational company, Unilever has a solid global presence. By specializing in the products that people need, they dominate large and small markets worldwide. After being in business for 9 decades, it’s clear that Unilever’s success comes from purpose-driven brands. In the beginning, the company probably took advantage of asset finance to get new delivery trucks. Otherwise, beating out the competition would be nearly impossible! If you’re looking to help your company grow beyond your wildest dreams, you need spending power. Asset-backed financing can help you […]

Asset Backed Finance for Private Cars: Is It the Right Choice for You?

asset backed finance

What’s one of the coolest cars from 2021? The Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. With a selling price starting at just above $90,000, the new Taycan provides an intense driving experience. Can you imagine how impressed your clients would be if you drove up in a brand new Porsche? Whether you’re thinking about getting a luxury vehicle, or something more practical, a new car can help take your company to the next level. However, having the funds to buy these expensive models outright can be nearly impossible. That’s why you should explore what asset backed finance has to offer. How […]

7 Things to Know About Invoice Financing

invoice financing

Have you ever had trouble paying your bills on time?
Have you ever needed an extra $1000 to make payroll, only to find that there was no way for you to get a loan in time? Invoice financing may be the answer…

What Is an Operating Lease?

operating lease

This blog post will discuss what an operating lease is, and some considerations when entering one such as how they work in different situations.
So whenever you’re ready to learn more about this important business topic, keep reading.

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